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Leaders AIM

Being Bold - The Key to Success
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In today's competitive business climate leaders are no longer able to depend on authority alone. Power only creates a "Boss." It is the followers' willingness to achieve the goals set out by an individual that makes a leader. This begins with a leader who can communicate a specific vision to his followers. It continues when the leader cares about the organization's goals and people. The higher the goals, the more trust, honor and respect the leader must possess. People want to be guided by someone who has a clear direction yet still retains concern for their needs.

Leaders AIM is an entertaining, interactive presentation that shows individuals how to become effective leaders in today's rapidly changing world by acquiring the characteristics of Authenticity, Innovation, and Motivation.

Rob speaks to leaders

Here's what you'll learn:

* How to identify the characteristics of effective leaders;
* How to define and understand the different roles of leadership;
* How to develop your leadership skills;
* How to communicate the organization's vision to your people;

* How to use innovation to develop strategies for achieving the vision;
* How to use innovation techniques for problem solving, dealing with change, and staying on course;
* How to use motivation to execute organizational strategies;
* How to use the motivational techniques of empathy and understanding instead of fear and intimidation;

* How to use authenticity to develop your follower's abilities to contribute to the achievement of goals;
* How to use authenticity techniques of leading by example, building relationships, and vulnerability;
* How to use leadership skills for effecting more efficiency and developing greater value for the organization;
* How to use leadership skills for navigating change;

* How to acquire the tools to become a more popular and respected leader;
* How to enhance your problem-solving skills and think faster on your feet;
* How to be better prepared to handle difficult situations as they arise;
* How to use leadership to increase sales, improve customer service, and operate more efficiently;

* How to to use leadership to make your organization more competitive in a rapidly changing market;
* How to recognize and take advantage of opportunities;
* How to use the leadership skills necessary to develop a company culture for achieving key objectives;
* How to develop and communicate a specific vision for your organization;

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Rob speaks to leaders


"Rob Wilson's Leaders AIM presentation is not a run-of-the-mill motivational speech...we've all heard those before. The moment he stood before us, dramatically calling attention to his story, all heads looked up from phones....and never disengaged from the front of the room while Rob spoke. His A.I.M. techniques are obviously rooted in confidence and Rob's own innovation. Knowing very little about his background prior to listening to him speak, I recognized Rob as a human being I needed to know." Jericha Nichols, Business Development Specialist, Incentive Solutions, Inc.

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