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Just for Kids

Children's Fiction, Author Visits, and More!

Rob Wilson is the author of the humorous children's novel, The Annoying Ghost Kid, which was recently optioned by Lead Lion Media to become a motion picture.

Annoying Ghost Kid BOOK SYNOPSIS
THE ANNOYING GHOST KID is a funny story about Corky, a ten year old boy, who is bullied by Duke, a younger boy who happens to be a ghost. Duke loves to play practical jokes on Corky. It's like having a pesky little brother with special powers. The fun begins when Corky, and his friend Jill, are challenged to find imaginative ways to stop the ghost kid's tricks! In the beginning, the ghost kid clearly has the advantage, but eventually, Corky and Jill finally figure out how to turn things around on their transparent tormenter. Then, it's back and forth, and the pranks get funnier and funnier as the supernatural nuisance goes head to head with two increasingly clever kids.

Rob Wilson presents an interactive program for students in grades K-5. He talks about "How to Make Up Your Own Story," and teaches how to begin the creative process of writing a book. He gives an animated reading (with lots of voices) from his book THE ANNOYING GHOST KID. He then shows the kids "How to Deal with Bullies"** which is a key theme of his book. He wraps up by answering the kids' questions about his book, writing, and bullying.

** Rob's Bully, Back Off! program provides two vital yet, simple techniques that empower a child to deal with a bully (one for verbal and one for physical attacks). These techniques are easy to remember, so that in the moment of crisis when a bully strikes, your student will be able to respond resolutely and in a positive manner.


"We really enjoyed your visit to our school on Tuesday. The kids have been begging for your book and the teachers have commented on how much their students benefited from the assemblies! We really liked the way you not only entertained, but gave students some easy, practical things they can do to begin writing and to combat bullies." Cindy Adair, Media Specialist, Flippen Elementary School

"We enjoyed your visit very much - teachers were very pleased and said it was one of our best visits!" Marla Buro, Media Specialist, Cheatham Hill Elementary

Robert Wilson

"I had the privilege of Rob Wilson coming to my school, and all the kids loved it. In one session, he captivated the entire audience, who ranged from first grade all the way to fifth grade. Every single student was captivated by his animated voice and lively reading of THE ANNOYING GHOST KID. In our second session, he had every kindergartner hooked the instant he began talking. In addition to the fabulous storytelling, the students all came away with an important message about bullying, which is so important to talk about nowadays." Katherine Fowler, Media Specialist, Ison Springs Elementary.

"Rob was awesome today! He spoke to the whole Lower School (two groups) and everyone loved him! He talked about bullying, read from his book, and was so animated! One student said to me after the presentation - "Mr. Wilson is a good actor." It was very cute. So many students asked me for order forms to order his book." Alisa Alloy, Teacher, The Howard School

Robert Wilson

"Our elementary school had a great experience during a two-day visit with Author Rob Wilson. Mr. Wilson was enthusiastic and engaging as he spoke with students about his book The Annoying Ghost Kid,, on being an author, and how to deal with bullies. Mr. Wilson accommodated several last minute changes during the visit, and was a pleasure to work with. At our request, he put together a thoughtful writers workshop for a small group of our 5th graders. We recommend Mr. Wilson for your school's next guest author!" Diane Brooks, PTA President, Cheatham Hill Elementary

"Rob Wilson was a guest author at our school, Hopkins Elementary. His captivating portrayal of the beginning of THE ANNOYING GHOST KID, left my students extremely anxious to get their hands on his book! Upon hearing him, they all raced for an order form and couldn't stop talking about the story. They especially loved the voices Mr. Wilson used in his character portrayals. A few comments heard by my students are as follows:

Alfredo: 'It was so funny when he said, I WANT MY MOOOOOMMMMMYYYYY!!!!!'

Anna: 'He was nice and his book was good. I really want to read the rest of it.'

Jayden: 'My favorite part was when the ghost kid bumped into the tree and the elf came out.'

Ariana: 'I like Mr. Wilson because he is creative and how he laughs to make the story characters' voices.'

These were just a few of the rave reviews the students made about Mr. Wilson and his book. I would highly recommend him for any young audience and would welcome him back at our school for future visits." Lori Piekanski, Second Grade Teacher, Hopkins Elementary

Robert Wilson

"Thank you again for visiting Dunwoody Elementary School this week. Our fourth graders loved listening to your story. Please let us know when the next book comes out!" Amanda Becker, Parent Volunteer, Dunwoody Elementary PTO

"Thanks so much for visiting our school. You were terrific. I have heard nothing but good about the sessions. Our students just love the book. The orders are pouring in. :) " Sharon Britt, Media Specialist, Hopkins Elementary School.

Rob Wilson is a dynamic keynote speaker and humorist based in Atlanta, Georgia. His highly entertaining and interactive presentations on innovation, achievement, and leadership will inspire and motivate your audience to succeed. Delivering fun and laughter since 1997, Rob is a consummate professional who will make your meeting sensational. His high-energy and humorous talks have WOWed audiences in 35 states and Canada. Contact Rob to Jump Start Your Meeting today!

Robert Evans Wilson, Jr. is a professional speaker, a keynote speaker and humorist. And, he is a storyteller, elementary school speaker, anti-bullying speaker, bullying speaker, motivational speaker, advertising speaker, innovation speaker, leadership speaker, seminar speaker, college speaker, humorous speaker, and a lunch & learn speaker. Rob is also a writing and speaking coach. Plus, he is an advertising consultant, and an innovation consultant. Schedule a speech, a session, or a phone call with Rob today.

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