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MEETING PLANNERS: With 20 years of experience, Rob Wilson is a seasoned professional who understands that you have a lot on your mind working to pull together all the pieces to create a memorable conference. He knows what you require and why. He minimizes the effort you need to spend on him, and does everything in his power to make things easier for you. First of all, Rob has the platform skills to WOW your audience, and will add value to your event. No prima donna - he's easy to work with - and is flexible enough to handle unexpected changes or problems with aplomb. He always shows up early, has backup plans in the event of travel troubles, and lets you know the moment he arrives. Before his performance, he always visits the auditorium, so that he is comfortable with it, and can resolve any problems before the attendees arrive. Rob understands the importance of schedules and always concludes on time. Afterwards, he will stay and talk with your attendees. He is low tech, yet high on entertainment, but will happily share slides if used. Rob is generous with his time, and will happily add a breakout session to any keynote speech. He never sells from the platform. Plus, he will promote your event on social media. In short, Rob's number one goal is to make you look good.

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