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The Un-Comfort Zone

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The Un-comfort Zone with Robert Wilson is a monthly column on Innovation, Achievement, and Leadership. In particular it covers innovation from how to be more creatively... to untilizing innovation for making your company more competitive... to thinking like an innovator helps you get more out of life. The column also explores the many aspects of motivation from inspiring others (leadership) such as employees, customers, volunteers, even family members... to self-motivation (achieving your goals and dreams) - which is especially important in today's economy. Everyone, at some time or another, needs to motivate themselves or others. The Un-Comfort Zone talks about how motivation works and how to apply it in a variety of situations.

If you would like to learn more about The Un-Comfort Zone, or about having it run in your publication or on your website, please email or phone Rob.

Rob is much more than a writer, he is a dynamic keynote speaker and humorist based in Atlanta, Georgia. His highly entertaining and interactive presentations on innovation, achievement, and leadership will inspire and motivate your audience to succeed. Delivering fun and laughter since 1997, Rob is a consummate professional who will make your meeting sensational. His high-energy and humorous talks have WOWed audiences in 35 states and Canada. Contact Rob to Jump Start Your Meeting today!

Rob Wilson is a professional speaker, a keynote speaker and humorist. And, he is a storyteller, a motivational speaker, an advertising speaker, an innovation speaker, a leadership speaker, a seminar speaker, a college speaker, a humorous speaker, and a lunch & learn speaker. Rob is also a writing and speaking coach. Plus, he is an advertising consultant, and an innovation consultant. Schedule a speech, a session, or a phone call with Rob today.

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