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Rob Wilson is a widely published author of business-related articles. He has written articles on how to grow a business with innovation; how to increase sales; how to grow a business through marketing, how to get a return on investment (ROI) from advertising, how to increase advertising sales, how to create an effective high-response advertisement; and how to generate new ideas when you need them the most.

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The Un-Comfort Zone with Robert Wilson is a monthly column that explores the many aspects of motivation from inspiring others (employees, customers, volunteers, even family members), to self-motivation -- which is especially important in today's economy.  Everyone, at some time or another, needs to motivate themselves or others. The Un-Comfort Zone talks about how motivation works and how to apply it in a variety of situations including: how to motivate people to sell more; how to motivate your staff to provide better customer service; and how to keep yourself motivated during a crisis. If you would like to learn more about The Un-Comfort Zone, or about having it run in your publication or on your website, click here for more information or to receive a sample issue.


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