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The Innovator’s Lifestyle

How to Think like an Innovator and...
Get a Competitive Edge in Today’s Economy

Sure, it's exciting to solve a problem, but there is more to innovation than that. Feeding your creative spirit is exciting and invigorating. Creative energy is highly motivating, and makes life seem worthwhile. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing the results of your own personal genius. It's about the journey, or as the American painter, Robert Henri, put it, "The object isn't to make art, it's to be in that wonderful state which makes art inevitable."

According to a survey by IBM’s Institute for Business Value, CEOs rank creativity as the most important leadership skill for successful organizations of the future. Rob Wilson's program delivers the creativity skills that leaders need!

Here’s what you’ll learn:

* How to Stimulate Creative Thinking When You Need it the Most. 
* How to Develop New Ideas for the Challenges that Face Your Company or Industry.
* How to Think Faster and Better under Pressure.
* How to Generate More Ideas to Make Your Company Competitive.
* How to Recognize Opportunities That Others Will Miss.
* How to Know When You Are Most Likely to Think like an Innovator
* How to Take on the Characteristics of an Innovator.
* How to Initiate the Discovery Process Within Yourself.
* How to Keep the Discovery Process Working 24/7.
* How to Use Innovation to Increase Sales, Improve Customer Service, and Operate More Efficiently.

And, there’s more! When you embrace the innovator’s lifestyle you’ll live longer, resist brain degeneration, and improve your sex life. Stop neglecting your native ingenuity and creative energy; take some time today to get back to it. You'll be glad you did.

Harnessing Success in a Chaotic Market

Our economy is in the throes of a major structural shift – the most disruptive since the Industrial Revolution.  The American market place is evolving rapidly, and top analysts have forecast that only the most innovative businesses will succeed. To remain competitive through these changes, your organization needs people who can bring new ideas to the table. Innovation will determine the future of your company, and now is the time to prepare for the challenges ahead. Every organization needs people who can bring new ideas to the table. New uses for old products... New techniques to close sales... New methods for increasing productivity, and, in this era of downsizing... New ways to do more with less!

The good news is that ingenuity is not a gift; it is a skill that can be cultivated at any time or any age, but it is a critical skill in today’s economy. The trick is getting those creative juices flowing. In this fun, interactive presentation, Rob Wilson enables you to recognize your own creative abilities. He helps you focus on the specific challenges your company or industry is facing, and how to develop new ideas for tackling them. Then, Rob gives you practical techniques you can apply immediately to your work and your personal life. The result is you will be better prepared to handle unexpected obstacles... you will generate more ideas for keeping your company at the front of the pack... and you will enjoy more fulfillment in all your endeavors.  Plus, you’ll learn how to apply several Innovation Tools® for generating new ideas anytime!

Empower your people with the superior problem solving skills that will keep your organization on the cutting edge. Discover Robert Wilson’s secrets for stimulating creative thought. Schedule this mind-awakening presentation for your organization, today!

Comments About Robert Wilson's:
The Innovator’s Toolbox

"Robert's presentation has something for every type of attendee to find useful. He is inspirational, very engaging, and a good value! It was a pleasure having such a talented speaker who truly kept the audience's attention and gave everyone some ideas they can put to work immediately - worth every penny."
Mary Howell, Executive Director,
Virginia Propane Gas Association

"I had the privilege of attending one of Robert Wilson's presentations at the Georgia Press Association Advertising Conference. The best way to describe Robert's delivery is intelligent, witty, engaging, humorous, and down-to-earth. He uses personal experiences and real-life situations to help the listener remember ideas. He involves the audience in several demonstrations that are unique. He is a walking encyclopedia of ideas for any size group. Anyone would benefit from a session with Robert Wilson."
Lamar Truitt, Advertising Manager
The Times-Herald

“On behalf of the Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce’s Human Resource Management Association, I’d like to thank you for your outstanding presentation during our May 27th meeting. Not only was your topic “The Innovator’s Toolbox” appropriate and timely, but your humorous delivery gave our group some much needed laughter. I’ve been the Vice Chair and Program Director for HRMA almost two years and without question, your performance was the best we’ve ever had. I look forward to referring you to other organizations and associations.”
Jeff Fox, Executive Vice President
Human Resource Management Association

“I wanted to take a moment to write and tell you how much we enjoyed your presentation The Innovator's Toolbox!
You have such a unique ability to captivate your audience with humor while communicating pertinent and relevant information. Our members were not only entertained by your energetic and entertaining presentation but they learned something they could actually take back and apply within their own newspapers.
Thank you, again Robert, for the wonderful learning experience. Your witty experiences offer invaluable lessons on embracing creativity and innovation. Your references to our industry's challenges made for a seamless presentation. You left our members enlightened and energized.
I would personally recommend to any business or association looking for a dynamic and thought-provoking speaker to have you speak at their next convention or business meeting!”
Dana Brown, Director of Marketing and Advertising
Oregon Newspaper Publishers Association

"We all know that good programs are the backbone of an interesting club. That is why I want to share with you our club’s favorite and most fun program this year. Robert Wilson presented his very entertaining program THE INNOVATOR'S TOOLBOX to our club on March 15th. It was the best program we've had all year. Robert's speech was fun, smart, and so right. His message on how to think like an innovator and get a competitive edge in today's market was completely on target. I highly recommend Robert Wilson to you and encourage you to have him speak at your club. You will thank me for this tip someday."
Barbara Nunn McCarthy, President
Conyers Rotary Club

“We work hard all year trying to improve the service we provide to our customers, and to think of ways to involve our associates in all matters within our business. Robert Wilson’s examples and enthusiastic speech left an impression on my staff and team. As we all deal with enormous changes each and every day, Robert’s humorous insights were a breath of fresh air to our approach. I recommend to anyone that is going through changes in their business (and who isn’t), to consider Robert’s insights of providing better customer service and being creative and innovative to solve problems and overcome obstacles.”
J. Glenn Wisdom, J C Penney Store Manager
Gwinnett Place Mall, Duluth, Georgia

"You were very effective at getting the audience "warmed up" quickly. They were interacting with you in no time, and coming up with creative ideas of their own. And, they seemed to make the connection between creativity and business success."
Paul Johnson, Program Director
Southeast Software Association

"Robert connects with his audience in unique and creative ways."
Randy Sekeres, Manager Employee Communications, AT&T

"Your message was unique and an important one for those dealing with difficult challenges in their workplace. You did a good job of making it relevant to real situations our people face day to day. The feedback I have received has been excellent and it wasn't hard to tell how much fun people had with the interactive portion of the program.
Don Patrick, CPC, President,
Georgia Association of Personnel Services

"Thanks again for addressing our sales staff. Positive comments continue to roll in. And, as I told you earlier, it is a gift to be able to inspire others -- especially the younger up-and-comers!
Marcia Jaffee, Sales Manager, Retail Advertising
The Atlanta Journal and Constitution

“Excellent program -- wonderful way to rev up my staff and foster a team spirit”
Alice Murray, Ad Creative Manager
The Atlanta Journal and Constitution

"Thank you for contributing to the success of our sales meeting. Your presentation Jumpstarting Creativity For Business Success was a real hit. You certainly know how to get an audience's attention and keep them interested. We all need to be more innovative when it comes to winning new clients and you gave us several new ideas to work with.
Paul Goldstein, President
Presidential Financial Corporation

"It was a pleasure watching you electrify the room. Over 100 of our members attending enjoyed your "Creativity" speech and learned something that should help them be more successful in their businesses.
Walter Zimmerman, President,
Kennesaw Business Association

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Innovation Tool of the Month:
Write It Down
"To come up with a new idea, identify the problem you want to solve by putting it in writing.
The more specific you are - the more likely you are to come up with a solution."

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