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Create Advertising That Sells!

There is a science to advertising, the good news it is not Rocket Science, it is comprised of basic psychology. Unfortunately, less than 10% of advertising professionals understand this science. Now you can learn how to write Killer Ad Copy! You too can create advertisements that Get Attention and Generate a High Response Rate... create Powerful Marketing Messages that cut through the clutter and take market share away from your competitors! Advertising will increase your business... but only if you do it right. Robert Wilson will show you how.

This Seminar Will Save You Thousands of Dollars!

This program is designed for anyone who wants to increase market share through more effective advertising. This informative and entertaining seminar by award-winning ad writer, Robert Wilson, will give you the secrets to creating your own ads. And, the ability to better evaluate ads prepared for you.

Start learning today how to write Killer Ad Copy that increases sales.  You'll acquire the skills to craft a message that will motivate prospects to buy.  Your days of wasting money on worthless advertising will be gone and your ads will increase your business.You'll learn from a seasoned pro.  Robert Wilson is an award-winning ad copywriter whose ads have generated huge returns on investment for his clients.  He eliminates guesswork and teaches you the hard science of advertising - proven methods that work in all media: print, TV, radio, internet, outdoor, direct mail, POS, and more.  You'll learn:      

After attending this program, you'll be writing powerful headlines that literally pull the reader into the body copy.  You'll create offers that call out to your  prospects and demand their attention.  You'll develop a powerful marketing  message that will cut through the clutter of competing ads.  And, you'll learn how to write a call-to-action the reader can't resist.

You need an advantage with your advertising in today's fragile economy. This program will give you an edge -- an edge your competition won't have!

"This is an eye opening program. It showed me that some of my selling instincts were wrong, and showed me how to sell advertising with a pointed focus and specific benefit." Seth Faerber, Blue Sky Publications

"This program is extremely beneficial and generated an immediate renewing of our thought process when it comes to our advertisers." Mario A. Garza, Advertising Director, Blue Sky Publications

Mario and Seth now have an edge over the majority of advertising professionals who are creating ads. Their ads are succeeding where the advertisers in their competition's publications are failing. Make sure your ads stand out and grab the attention of your prospects. The average person is exposed to more than 3000 advertisements per day. What are you doing to insure your message cuts through the clutter? This program gives you the tools you need to get ROI from your advertising costs.

Create Advertising That Sells! will provide you with the "Scientific Principles of Advertising" which will give you an advantage over 90% of your competition (no kidding!). You see, your competition is frustrating their customers with bad ads -- ADVERTISEMENTS that DO NOT WORK -- their ads are NOT calling out to their prospects, which means their ads are getting a poor response. Subsequently they are getting a poor return on their investment. And, in today's "recession" economy ads need to work more than ever!

Regardless of what media you are advertisinig in this is a golden opportunity for you to take customers away from your competition! Studies have proven that a recession is the best time to increase your advertising because your competition is most likely cutting back.

You can make those customers yours by calling out to them with superior ads. It's easier than you think. And, you've already taken the first step by checking out this program. This seminar will teach you how to insure that the ads you run will generate ROI.

Here's what one advertising professional has to say: "The program was very helpful. The tips will be very useful to the seasoned sales professional as well as someone just starting their career in advertising. The customers in our market really focus on price. We are always looking for ways to provide an added value to our customers that the competitor cannot or will not provide. Providing a superior ad/product will give us the added edge to sell against the competition." Jill Smalley, Athens News, Athens, Ohio

Robert Wilson has been presenting this program since 1997, (originally as an advanced college course for advertising professionals at Georgia State University), he has delivered it live in 35 states and Canada. Thousands of advertising professionals have learned how to increase the response from their advertising by attending this program.

Here's what another ad pro has to say: "Your program was relevant and helpful for new and veteran staffers alike. This is just what we needed to help us compete better in a tighter economy this year" Melissa Draut, Advertising Training Director, The Louisville Courier-Journal

You will learn from a seasoned pro. Robert Wilson is an award-winning ad copywriter and creative director whose ads have generated huge returns on investment for his clients. Robert eliminates the guesswork from ad creation and teaches you the hard science of advertising - proven methods that work - everytime!

You will be writing powerful headlines that literally pull the reader into the body copy. You will create offers that call out to your customers and prospects and demand their attention. You will develop a powerful marketing message that will cut through the clutter of competing ads. And, you will learn how to write a call-to-action the reader/listener canít resist.

Create Advertising That Sells! is fast-paced, interactive, and rooted in rock solid principles for creating ads and attracting customers. And, it is fun!

This program will meet your particular needs regardless of experience, skill level, or market challenges.

With this program and a little practice, you'll be writing World Class Ad Copy just like a Madison Avenue Pro!


Bring in your own advertisements to work on during the session -- and get instant feedback!

Before you risk another dollar on advertising - attend this workshop!

Call today, to schedule this information-packed presentation for your organization.

Start Writing Killer Ad Copy TODAY - Click Here!


(Contact us today, for this inexpensive and convenient way to learn!)

Comments about Robert Wilson's

Create Advertising That Sells!

"Robert is an informative and interesting instructor; he was engaging, entertaining and extremely knowledgeable."

"The instructor was intelligent, articulate, well-prepared and organized. A rarity!"

"This program was very valuable. The information was relevant to the novice as well as the practicing writer."

"Mr. Wilson made the class fun and kept everyone's attention at all times. He is a very good speaker, and knows what he is talking about."

"Robert was good, funny, and interesting to listen to!"

"The value of this program exceeded the cost. The price I paid was a bargain!"

"Before attending your workshop I had no background in advertising and not a clue about writing copy. Now, I'm asking better questions which have resulted in better concepts and more effective ads. Additionally, my ads have generated more visits to my client's businesses. The workshop exceeded my expectations! Thanks again."

"Your workshop gave me a wealth of ideas to work with, from techniques for writing headlines to techniques for getting my creativity flowing."

"Your seminar opened my eyes to what's really important in advertising copy. Now I understand how to write a good ad. What I used to think was difficult now seems easy and very do-able."

"Robert provided a ton of information in a short time. I learned how to write ads, headlines and more. It was the most useful and fun seminar I've attended in a long time."

"This workshop was very informative and motivating. It gave me new ideas while refreshing old ones. I'll never look at an ad the same way again."

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